1. if they looked like this everyday ______

  2. I’m proud of these choir nerds running around NYC finding pieces of their hard work. Are you?


  3. ptx-superfruit:

    It sucks being a poor teen with no job bc all I want is to be a patreon and help out my fav people and get early stuff and just :((


  4. am I the only one freaking out that Kevin’s bday is right around the corner do somethingg

    5th Oct ugh hot



  6. wanting to have discussions about ptx vol 3 but realizing half of yall haven’t got the EP yet where is the fun

  7. femmeanddangerous:


    i made a graph of my personality

    oh god

    (via a-cicada)

  8. <3

  9. After I posted this, Single Ladies came on and then he liked it simultaneously. Is it MY birthday?


  10. mirandaarenee:

    the real question is will i wait till tuesday morning to listen to ptx vol 3 or will i stay up till 4am the night before drowning myself in it when it’s first released

    i don’t have a life so