1. mirandaarenee:

    the real question is will i wait till tuesday morning to listen to ptx vol 3 or will i stay up till 4am the night before drowning myself in it when it’s first released

    i don’t have a life so

  2. avisbeard:

    Their facial expressions are everything.

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  3. round and around we dance I’ll never stop, falling in love with you

    weekly f-ucking obsession

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  4. reblog if your favorite member of pentatonix is scott kevin mitch avi kirstie and you are willing to spit at anyone who has anything against it

  5. avisbeard:




    And look where he is now!

    he was singing to the wrong people. ♥♥♥♥♥

    thank god he didn’t tho. noooow look what happened

    /\ You know, it makes me of think how sad and disappointed he must have felt, and look at him now, all the rejection was worth because it only made him stronger to keep fighting for his dreams *snif*

    i’m emotional #thanksScott

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  6. queensgrassi-hoying:

    Lindsey Stirling is the collab artist for Papaoutai

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  7. timeforourweeklyobsessions said: Can't believe your community day post! Followed forever hun :)

    i never saw this!! thank u so much


  8. curryforyourthoughts:

    if you blog about pentatonix or superfruit I want to follow you immediately, please reblog this!!

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  9. lostyourwar:

    wyatt and olaf are officially the pentatonix mascots don’t argue w me on this

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  10. asmallqueen:

    So to celebrate all of the fun, awesome things going on in the Youtube community, I am giving away Youtube merch!


    1. Up to $50 from any Youtuber’s merch store!

    2. One copy of TRXYE or PTX Vol 3 shipped to your home!

    3. A follow from me :)